A Spotlight on Early Childhood Intervention

Throughout life, your child is going to crawl, walk, and hurdle through obstacles. Some children need help to grow, and that is okay. That is why MECA Therapies will always be there for the children of Lea County.

Since 1998, MECA Therapies has improved the lives of thousands of children and families in communities throughout New Mexico and have been serving Lea County since July 2012.

MECA Therapies has made it their mission to change the lives of children in the state of New Mexico through specialized therapy services that include early childhood intervention. Early childhood intervention supports a child’s learning and development. Learning and development are most critical from birth to age five.

MECA Therapies offers New Mexico Family Infant Toddler (FIT) Program Services free for New Mexico families with children. MECA Therapies is a FIT Service Provider thorugh the New Mexico Department of Health. Children can receive FIT services from birth to age three. MECA Therapies’ services are provided in home and in community-based services.

You will find a variety of services and supports offered by MECA Therapies such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, special instruction, family therapy, social work, and service coordination. They cover conditions such as, speech delays and disorders, feeding and swallowing difficulties, physical delays, developmental delays, neurological and neuromuscular conditions, sensory integration conditions, autism spectrum disorder, and nursing.

If you feel your infant or toddler of three (3) years of age may be experiencing delays or developmental issues, contact MECA Therapies for a free evaluation. Anyone can make a referral.

For more information contact MECA Therapies at (575) 492-9505 or visit online at www.mecatherapies.com.