Children’s Outpatient Clinic

Serves Community with Speech, Physical & Occupational Therapy Services

Las Cruces is a community of caring and support. Everywhere you look someone is trying to help someone else. MECA Therapies is a local company with a goal that reflects our community: to help local families by promoting healthy lives through their Children’s Outpatient Clinic.

The Children’s Outpatient Clinic provides the highest quality of care to children and youth from a set of therapy experts that range from physical and occupational therapists, as well as speech-language pathologists.

“Through comprehensive evaluations, we identify the intervention and treatment that is needed for our patients and their care,” said Terry Berridge, Director of Outpatient Services. “Our MECA team is dedicated to providing the utmost quality of treatment and services that are needed to improve our patient’s performance and functioning that focuses on helping them become more independent in their everyday living.”

MECA Therapies first began by providing pediatric services through the Family Infant Toddler (FIT) Program that cares for children birth to age three and their families. MECA Therapies opened their Children’s Outpatient Clinic in 2007. Services include speech, occupational, and physical therapy for children ages three to 21-years-old.

MECA Therapies Children’s Outpatient Clinic is fully equipped with a large physical and occupational therapy area, as well as several individual therapy rooms, speech and communication suites, a therapy pool, and a specialized skills area for sensory motor development.

Physical therapy services focus on gross motor skills to include standing, walking, balance and strengthening through therapeutic activities, appropriate positioning, and adaptive devices that can be incorporated into a child’s typical day.

Occupational therapy focuses on the development of fine motor skills as well as sensory motor, self-regulation, body awareness, and support daily living activities.

Speech therapists work with a full range of communication disorders such as pragmatic language, fluency, oral-motor disorders, apraxia, and working to help children plan and coordinate movements needed to make speech sounds.

The therapy treatments mentioned are only a small part of what the MECA Therapies’ team does for children.

In addition to individual therapy MECA Therapies provides education for the parent/caregiver on how to best help their child at home. MECA Therapies service providers also utilize co-treatment for some children who can benefit from more than one specialized service.

The Children’s Outpatient Clinic treats children with the following conditions:

• down syndrome
• cerebral palsy
• autism spectrum disorder,
• speech-language disorders,
• sensory disorders,
• developmental delays,
• cleft lip and palate,
• and other rare syndromes.

For more information contact:
?(575) 522-9500.
Appointments must include a referral from a physician. Bilingual services are also provided.