Letter from the March for Babies and High Heels for High Hope Ambassador Family!

To NICU Families:
It is both an honor and a privilege for our family to represent other premature babies as the Ambassador Family for March of Dimes.

While every journey is unique in its own way, we hope that you can find comfort in knowing these truths and more importantly that there is hope!
We understand that this is a very scary time for you but hold on to your faith. Our babies are so much stronger than we give them credit for. Some days your baby(ies) will progress a few steps forward and other days regress a few steps back, but don’t be discouraged. It’s all part of the process, so stay strong!

There will be days where you feel exhausted, and emotionally drained, but learn to appreciate this season because it is just that, a season,. It’s not your “forever!” All your baby knows is how to fight and they will.

If you can, breast feed your baby (ies). Hold them if you can and read to them. Let them hear your voice as it will comfort them, and give them strength.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and appreciate your nurses, for they are an extension of your love for you baby. Remember to rest and eat. Take care of yourself. IF you have other children, don’t forget them. They are going through this with you.

This time seems like an eternity but soon it will be over. This is part of your story and what a tremendous privilege, to be the parents of such strong, beautiful babies!

I believe God chooses parents for all babies, but He selects the strongest parents for preemies. Let that strength carry you through this time.

– From Carmen Medina & Family