NICU Advice from Cassandra Box, Roswell Mother


Just Breathe. It became my motto after having Danika, my daughter. Everything that happens in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) good or bad will feel like it is huge. Every time your phone rings with the hospital number, your heart will skip a beat. You will bond with nurses over conversations about feedings and bowel movements. You will feel every setback like someone is physically stealing your opportunity to go home from you.

Just breathe.

The day will come when the doctor will send you home. It will happen so fast that you’ll sort of panic thinking, “Am I truly ready?” And you will be. When you’re about to leave, you will get handed follow up appointment(s), medical equipment, or maybe medications, and it will feel like more than you can handle.

Just breathe.

NICU babies are given to parents who are tough. You are tough enough to get through this. Take care of yourself. It hurts to be away from your baby for even a little while, but taking breaks and getting some time away is something that you need.

-Cassandra Box

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