UNM Children’s Hospital

UNM Children’s Hospital Offers Specialized Care and Treatment for Roswell’s Premature Babies

Albuquerque’s University of New Mexico Children’s Hospital’s neonatal intensive care units (NICU) serves families in and around Roswell.

The UNM Health System includes UNM Hospital and clinics, UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center, and UNM Medical Group.

The UNM NICU, established in 1971, has 52 beds and 12 intermediary care beds.

UNM’s services include: ventilator support, high frequency inhaled nitric oxide, bedside radiologic diagnostic technologies, extra corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), neonatal surgery, cardiac catheterization, cardiovascular surgery, whole-body cooling, retinopathy of prematurity treatment, access to consultation from faculty in pediatric sub-specialties, developmental specialty care, nursing care, and respiratory therapists.

“Our specialized group of neonatologists offers phone-consultation and transport from all areas of New Mexico and neighboring states,” says UNMCH’s website. “We provide our out-of-area families with accommodations at Casa Esperanza, the Ronald McDonald House, or family rooms available in the NICU. Also available are breast-pumping rooms, isolation rooms, and pre-discharge family rooms.”

Prematurely born children can be transported to UNM hospitals and partner hospitals, such as Lovelace, from around the state through the New Mexico Newborn Transport Program.

Which was established in 1975. The program is certified through the Federal Aviation Administration. Because the program provides services to infants, members of the program are certified annually in flight safety protocols. The program is also certified through the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems.

The New Mexico Newborn Transport Program operates 24/7, and provides a transport team of a neonatal nurse practitioner and an emergency-medical technician.